Brand new app is here, join a new era of analysis!

Published by Veronique Feyertag on April 6, 2018

A new App – S2M 1D Dual Force plates has been released on the App Store! You will discover a new design with a new environment, new colors and new icons for a more intuitive experience.

Some of the new features

S2M 1D Dual Force Plates App


Now, your S2M account is linked with the S2M Cloud. You can now share contents through your S2M account and its various media (website and application in development).

If you provided us your serial number, your account will be automatically activated without receiving a verification notification email of your S2M account.

New Dashboard & Customer profile management

Choice between 2 different Dashboard with and without Menu, modifiable in the Settings.

Stance Width & Foot Flare

Now you can see the exact measurements of the Stance Width and of the opening of your feet.

Ability to use Front Camera

You can now use the Front Camera in Live Mode and for capture.


Acquisitions from your previous application are not transferable to the new App.

Keep the old App – SmartBalance Pro – if you want to keep your captured data.